Be A Bouncing Ball

I am excited to be sharing my new journey as a business woman with you via my website but at the beginning I thought that publishing a blog every couple of weeks would be difficult, as in what would I write about. However, it is so busy, with each day being so different that I am lucky to be in the total opposite situation in that there is so much to note down and share. But so that I don’t start writing volumes it’s a question of what I leave out for another time. Having said that its important to me that I share the ups and downs of running your own business.

In my last blog you may remember that I was submitting a couple of pieces for the Lake Artists Society summer exhibition. Sadly, my two pieces didn’t make the cut. Its very rare that you receive feedback in these situations, but I wanted to ask the council members, so I persevered and was able to obtain some useful information which will help me in future years. Although the quality of my work was not the issue, the way I presented my pieces and their meaning was something I needed to focus on. It is this information that I am now concentrating on as I continue to submit to other exhibitions around the country. When faced with a disappointment or adversity it is important to bounce back with renewed energy to succeed, to react like a bouncing ball and to turn that disappointment into future success.

Working with my business mentor last year she asked me to write down my strengths and weaknesses. At the top of the list for my strengths I wrote down good resilience and perseverance. The ability to cope or adapt from an event and to not give up are key attributes in running your own business. I guess over the years I have had plenty of opportunities to learn and find good ways of dealing with it more quickly than others. Good positive relationships help me with reassurance and encouragement when times get tough and support me to rebound swiftly. Confidence in my strengths and abilities are also important, staying calm and focused under pressure as well as logical thinking and problem-solving skills. All of which I have built over time.

To make up for the disappointment I visited the Potfest in the Park event this weekend, armed with my big brolly and sturdy boots, I set off up north to Hutton in the Forest. I have never attended before, just the Potfest in the Pens (which is on this weekend). It was great to chat with many of the 100 exhibitors and learn from their experiences and techniques. To prepare for my Master’s degree this next twelve months I will be compiling a sketchbook and putting to paper my ideas I want to further explore, so attending the event this weekend has provided so much inspiration. On my way home, I popped into Grasmere to view the Lake Artists Society exhibition to learn how the successful artists had presented their work which has been invaluable and provided much food for thought.

It was amazing to see so much talent in Cumbria on show and the diversity of work rather than the art exhibitions of the past with only oil paintings and watercolours. If you have a spare minute and are in the area I would highly recommend a visit.

Renewing my energy for my craft

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