Grabbing Opportunities With Both Hands

It’s two weeks into the Barrow Society of Artists exhibition and on Friday I will be popping into the Dock Museum to be on site to demonstrate my craft. I haven’t done this before so I’m a bit nervous which is understandable, but I am relishing the challenge and grabbing the opportunity with both hands. However, I need to decide what I will do for the demonstration as it’s a bit difficult and not exactly practical to bring a studio on site but still make it interesting for onlookers. Ceramics is hardly a portable activity! One thing I have wanted to do is to create a catalogue of textures to use on my pieces. There is a lot of choice from pottery suppliers who provide a vast selection of stamps, texture mats and rollers. They are quite expensive to buy and therefore it can add up to a sizeable amount if you wanted to try a selection of them. So what better way to have a unique way to produce texture than to create your own tools. I also find that household items from the kitchen for example are good sources of ways to express your creativity. In the past I have used potato peelers, lemon zesters, wooden spoons to name but a few to add that individuality to my work. The one thing about making your own tools is that no one else will have those exact designs and that’s exciting. I have also bought a small sample of red textured clay which I haven’t used before which in its raw state is actually black in colour, so I may make some small pieces to see how it performs safe in the knowledge that there will be little chance of contaminating the clay I usually use. Can you imagine having marks all over my white porcelain work, it doesn’t bare thinking about! Its bank holiday week so as well as many people taking advantage of the gorgeous weather we have had recently, my first steps into demonstrating my craft to the general public maybe a busy one too, as people are out and about visiting local attractions, so I am going to enjoy it and if nothing else I would have started to create that catalogue of tools I have long wanted to do. Hope you are all enjoying the bank holiday week and if you are in the area, don’t forget to pop along to the Dock Museum, the exhibition runs until 25th July 2018.

My makers mark stamp

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