Inspired By The Great Pottery Throw Down

It has been a busy and very productive few weeks so much so that a big weight has been lifted from my shoulders. After over six months of trying to find a builder for my renovation project I have finally found someone to work with me to make the next part of my journey a reality. Work starts next March to build my new ceramic studio as well as renovating my new home. It is a period property built in the 1920/30s which still has all the original features that make it unique and special. As it happens it is also the home that I grew up in as a child so holds lots of special memories for me.

I am very happy that my builder is very keen to work with several different crafts people who will help me preserve a lot of the character of the house with its feature stained glass windows, curved glass bays, curved archway and split staircase. As a craft person myself I am looking forward to putting my own stamp on things by creating some ceramic tiles to put in the kitchen. I am even thinking of creating a statement ceramic sink for the bathroom, but don’t think I will go as far as making my own toilet as they did in the TV show The Great Pottery Throw Down!!

In terms of my new studio I have already chosen my electric kiln, so I will be pulling together a timetable as there will be lead times to take into account for items to be made. Secure shelving is going to be vital so that they don’t tipple over under the weight of work waiting for its next stage in the process. Time will also need to be spent arranging where things will go, so I am planning to have an area in the studio for wedging and making so that the glazing area can be kept separate to minimise contamination at each stage of the builds. I can not wait to see my shelves packed with greenware and bisque fired pieces waiting to go on their next part of the journey.

There are certainly exciting times ahead and I am looking forward to working with talented craft people to bring some life and energy back to a beautiful building and much-loved home.

That’s about it for now however next month I am doing a Q&A about ceramics, my work and my business so if you have any questions you would like to ask just leave a comment below.

Choosing bricks for the new studio

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