Its going to be a busy month!

On days like this it seems our summer might be over. August frequently appears to be a wet month especially over the last few years. Not sure if this is down to global warming or not but as a child, I always remember sunshine and lots of it. I’m hoping therefore for a nice Indian summer in September and October so here’s wishing. For me September brings a renewed energy to the year as children and adults return to a new academic year at schools and colleges in the UK. This is especially relevant for me this year.

September will see the delivery of my kiln. There has been a bit of a delay while my builders complete the first fixing of plumbing and electrics. The plastering has been completed ready for the electricians, who have come back to install the isolator switch for the kiln which will be hardwired into the electricity supply. It won’t be long now before I take up residency in my new ceramic studio, which is planned for next week. The wait has been excruciating but as the saying goes, good things come to those who wait. Between now and my kiln delivery I will be painting the walls and ceiling, so I have the hard task of deciding on a colour. There are so many colours to choose from its quite intimidating but there are a few that I have spotted. Its quite exciting and I can not wait for the move. It will signify the realisation of setting up my own business as a full time ceramic artist.

I am busy making new pieces for an exhibition in the Autumn at the Ramsden Gallery in Barrow. Working with porcelain I am creating statement bowls and vessels which I love making but I have had a few breakages along the way trying to make them as thin as possible. Trying to push my boundaries makes life interesting and very rewarding when it works out but obviously can be quite frustrating when things do not go to plan.

My work at the Autumn Showcase Exhibition

September is going to be a busy month as I will also start my Masters Degree at UCLAN in Preston. I am so looking forward to the challenge ahead as well as meeting up with my fellow students in a few weeks time. There are one or two goals I want to achieve while I am there as well as passing the course. Developing my own signature glaze recipe and my artistic style are going to be top of my agenda while I am studying. I have a lot to learn but at least I will have a bit of a head start as I have worked with clay for the last thirty years.

This month sees the start of the Barrow Society of Artists Autumn Showcase at the Dock Museum in Barrow in Furness. I have two pieces on display with fellow artists in the area including pastels, oil painting, sculpture, woodwork and watercolours. There is a great mixture of work to view from very talented artists both professionals and hobbyists. The exhibition runs until 20th October 2019 so try to catch it before its too late.

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