Oh What A Day!

Saturday 19th May 2018 will be a memorable day in history for many people as this is the date of the wedding between Megan Markle and Prince Harry, but it will be a memorable date for me personally as it will be the opening day of the exhibition at the Dock Museum with my fellow members of the Barrow Society of Artists. Now, I have exhibited many times over the years with the society and have also presented solo exhibitions of my work previously at the Dock Museum, so nothing new there. So why is this going to be especially memorable for me? This exhibition will be my first as a full-time artist. There I have said it, it hasn’t really sunk in yet. I am still in that euphoric state combined with mass panic and girly giddiness. Preparations for the exhibition started back in January of this year, exploring and stretching my skills in porcelain work. It’s a tricky medium to work in, very unforgiving. Many pieces didn’t make it through to the first firing. The clay was drying too quickly in the studio and unlike other clay bodies, I was finding that this particular porcelain didn’t like to be brought back to a workable state and would disintegrate between my fingers. However I persevered with my medium trying out different porcelain compositions until I was happy with the results. I was beginning to understand the clay, how far I could push it, what were the best practices to follow to obtain better results and ultimately enjoying working with this tricky clay. Further exploration of past designs in earthenware clay were now being formed using porcelain, coaxing the shapes into finer and more delicate finishes. For me the beauty of porcelain is in its transparency, which requires the clay to be very thin, which causes its own issues with stability in the making process especially for tall, narrow vessels. Two of my pieces have been selected and will be on show. The preview event will be buzzing with many people attending which includes a guided walk around the exhibition. Whilst the exhibition is open I will be attending as “artist on site” on the exhibition floor for a few selected dates, demonstrating to patrons my work, answering questions and sharing my passion for this messy activity. I am busy compiling new pieces for exhibitions during the rest of the year which is going to keep me occupied and out of mischief. The diary is full for the next nine months ahead, just how I like it! Please feel free to check out the dates of future events and if you are in the area, pop along to the Dock Museum, the exhibition runs until 25th July 2018.

All safely packed and waiting to go

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