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My first blog of 2019 and what a year it is going to be! Where do I start…

I guess the most exciting news is that I have the builders in renovating my home and building my new ceramic studio. The foundations have been dug, footings are in place and the floors have been laid. I can now start to visualise how it is going to look and I have already started planning where everything with go in the new space.

As an artist I like to visualise how the whole piece will look and I used this mentality with the renovations and as you can imagine I found it a bit over whelming. This is my first renovation project, so it is all new to me. It was quite stressful for the first few weeks, but I have turned the corner and I am dealing with unforeseen issues as they arise, from a more positive position, one day at a time. I am learning lots from my builders who are worth their weight in gold and they couldn’t be more helpful. Going forward, I can see light at the end of the tunnel and I am starting to imagine using my new space to create new exciting pieces of work.

I am using my artistic skills in my renovation project. In a previous blog I shared with you that I was looking to make my own bathroom sink and kitchen tiles. Progress is being made with my first attempt at making a bathroom sink. 2019 is definitely going to be a year of firsts. It has taken a lot of thought on how to create but this week I have made my first test model so that I can figure out how best to tackle the challenge. You can follow my progress on my Instagram and Facebook pages, I am sure I will make a few attempts to get it just right.

I am also going to make tiles for my kitchen. I have ordered a tile cutter and have taken delivery of some new glazes that I like, so I will also be busy testing out which one I prefer. There is so much to do, it is all very exciting and I cannot wait to see it all in place. To have something you designed and made installed in your home is something very special.

The other big news is that a few local potters and I are organising an exhibition to be held in Ulverston. The event will take place on the first weekend of May and will run alongside the popular Printfest exhibition, just across the road in a popup shop. Again, something that none of us have tried doing before, so it’s a big learning curve and an exciting adventure.

The help we have received from other potters around the country has been amazing. The organiser of the popup exhibition at the International Ceramics Festival reached out to me sharing her wealth of experience, I can’t express how grateful I am to her. We plan to meet up and share photos of the event and chat about how it went, which will be fun.

Back to our event, we have been busy creating our brand and logo as well as contacting more established ceramic artists to bring exciting 3D ceramic pieces to this area. The ceramic scene is well established in the north of Cumbria, so this is our chance to redress the balance in the south. We plan to hold an event next year too, growing over time, firmly putting South Cumbrian potters on the map. Look out for notifications in the local media and hashtags online – FIRED UP FURNESS. You won’t want to miss it! New work is being created for the “Fired Up Furness” exhibition, so check out my social media for a sneak preview.

I am very happy to receive three commissions this month. I love talking to customers, it is one of my favourite parts of my job, finding out what they want and then delivering on their requirements. I’ve certainly got my hands full but I’m looking forward to sending pictures to my customers with how their items are progressing. If anyone would like to commission their own piece from me, please check out my website for further details.

Creating bespoke pieces of art, commissions welcomed

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