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about kathryn

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Stories create connections, make sense of the world which becomes embedded in our memories. Connecting with the viewer to tell a personal story of belonging, of the people and natural assets, the narrative of the place where I have lived since birth, is the inspiration behind my work.   


My hometown of Barrow in Furness grew from exploiting its resource of iron ore.  This rich concentration of raw material efficiently produced the highest quality steel.  My work has evolved around the raw materials found in the Furness Peninsula, creating a theme of work inspired by its natural and industrial landscape.  The location of a once thriving steel shipbuilding industry and a leading player in the Industrial Revolution, now stands a graveyard of forgotten rotting wooden boats, providing commentary to one of the most deprived areas in the UK today. 

Texture fascinates me.  I instinctively want to reach out and touch an interesting piece.

My work comprises of large and smaller sculptural forms, influenced by technical drawings used in the ship and boat building process - often referred to as lofting plans.  I have developed my own clay body and glaze recipes using local raw materials, providing evidence of the geological formation of the Furness Peninsula.  Surface treatments are applied, layered upon another to provide meaning of sense of place, which entwine the rich history of my birthplace with my family heritage and attachment.  


Duality and contrast are important elements expressed in my work - exploring the tension between the past and present, between metal and wood, textured and smoothed surfaces and the thriving and decaying environment.  It is a slow process and one which allows the work to evolve naturally.  

Commissions are also very welcome. They are a collaboration; a blend of my interpretation of each client’s concept. Please contact me through my website or social media.  We will discuss ideas and sketch out some designs together, bringing a more personal and meaningful process as you work directly with me to realise your unique ideas.

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