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New Year Excitement

Updated: Jan 11

My social media feeds are rife with everyone sharing their goals for 2024, so I decided to spend sometime this month to write my own.

As a sculptor, I am quite a visual person, therefore, my favourite way to keep my mind focused on the year ahead is by using a vision board, a collection of photos and images that will keep me motivated.

Being an organised person, I also like to make lists in a journal so that my priorities are all in one place. There is no better feeling than ticking each of the achieved tasks and goals, it makes you accountable and motivated to continue. Celebrating little wins is so important and helps along the way to achieving your priorities.

I also like to strategise by thinking what I would like to achieve in the next five years, and what I need to do this year to help realise those long-term goals. My goals for this coming year are as follows:

Key Life Goals

Find balance between work and fun

Focus on my health and quality of sleep

Improve my Boditrax Score

Key Work Goals (5 Years)

Design Nation Member

Lakes Artist Member

Exhibit at a Potfest Event

Habits To Learn & Keep

Putting phone down at night

Continue to cook fresh meals each day

Regular gym sessions

Habits To Dismiss & Lose

Be kind to myself, drop the negativity

Saying yes to everything

Stop doing things last minute

Things I Need To Do

Create a weekly work schedule

Set up Google Business

Develop Mentor Relationships

Regular blog entries

Write in my journal to clear my thoughts

If you have found this useful and are interested in using a similar approach for your year ahead, please feel free to pinch and amend, that's what I did, no point reinventing the wheel. I'm looking forward to see how I get on over the next twelve months.

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2 commenti

Alis N.
Alis N.
21 feb

The negativity is a tough one to drop! Such a good idea to have goals though, especially reaching a bit further than we think ourselves capable - that way we actually do better anyway, even if not quite managing to reach the high target. I’ve just seen the MUD article in the paper, which is something to look forward to. I really like your work, Kathryn. Solidly-based, like the north of England, despite its tough history.

Mi piace
21 feb
Risposta a

Thank you for taking the time to comment, it's much appreciated. Definitely having something to aim for is so important, we need to stretch ourselves, get out of our comfort zone in order to grow. If you are coming to MUDFest pop in and say hi when you are there :)

Mi piace
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