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Those Winter Jobs!

As we enter spring I get very busy making work for all the shows, exhibitions and events that will take place this summer and autumn. It's a constant battle creating new work, developing ideas and having enough stock for each of the shows.

I will be bouncing back and forth making forms and glazing all the bisqueware, so it is really important that my kiln is prepared and up for the job. Because the making process is less frantic in the colder months, it's that time of year which I make sure that my studio and particularly my kiln are in a good state of repair and are up to the job to take a little bit of battering in the busier months.

A small part of a brick came away from itself near the top of the kiln, probably helped by the fact that's where I have been leaning to bend into the kiln when I load it! Lesson learned, you can probably see the crack in this picture. With the help of the manufacturer Northern Kilns and a tub of cement, it's all been mended and ready to give it a test drive. The elements have been checked, they are in a good state and the shelves have been cleaned and batt washed. The other thing I do is hoover the kiln to remove any clay fragments and dust.

So we are all sorted for the year ahead which is turning out to be quite a busy one!

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