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MUDFest - South Cumbria Ceramics Festival

What a year it’s been so far. Having visited many ceramic festivals over the years, first as a curious hobbyist wanting to learn from the professionals, through to being a student, before launching myself onto the professional circuit exhibiting and selling my work, I have now taken on a big dream of mine. It’s been nearly two years in the planning, finding an appropriate venue and discussing with them the logistics and financial implications that need to be seriously considered.

I have thrown my hat into the arena of organising a ceramic festival. The inaugural event called MUDFest takes place on the 19th May at Ford Park in Ulverston. It is a charitable organisation which relies significantly on public donations, run by local people and volunteers. It’s the perfect location now and into the future when we look to expand the event.

Ceramicists from around the country will be selling their work outside under marquees while food vendors will help address the refreshment needs of our visitors. Inside we will be running demonstrations, workshops and drop in sessions for the public to have a go on the wheel. We have invited schools to attend as pupils very rarely get the chance to work with clay. Big banners have been dotted about the area advertising the event which supplements the local and regional press coverage as well as the social media presence we have established.

There is a lot to think about and do, when organising a festival and I can’t thank Suzanne Edgley from Ford Park enough for the support she has shown for this event. Ulverston has a great heritage of festivals and art based events which the public support each year so fingers crossed that this too will be one people look forward to each year.

Hope to see you there if you are in the neighbourhood, get involved and have a go would be my advice!

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